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“It doesn’t matter what you’re lifting now but what you’ll be lifting tomorrow. Always be progressing.”


A specialist in strength and weight training, Rebecca employs myriad training methods to create effective programmes which help her clients improve themselves over the long term, with and without her help.


Her knowledge and expertise are aimed at achieving continuous progression and realistic results. Rebecca’s golden rule is simple: A little bit of training done consistently will satisfy most people’s training needs.



  • Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science

  • PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer


  • Pilates (Stott Trained) Matwork Essential and Intermediate

  • Pilates (Stott Trained) Reformer Essential and Intermediate

  • Exos Phase 1 Mentorship

  • Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Level 1

  • Agatsu Strength & Speed Specialist

  • Agatsu Indian Club and Mace Training Instructor Level 1

  • Suples Training System, Dynamic Movement with Bulgarian Bag certification Level 1

  • Suples Training System (H.I.R.T.S) certification

  • Kbox Exxentric Workshop

  • Movement Assessment Tool Level 1

  • Suspension Training Certified - TRX®


personal trainer | weight loss | Personal Training


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