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"Every professional starts as a beginner, so everyone should start now."


Maxx started lifting weights at the gym since ten years ago. He focuses more on strength and muscle building. He went through different phases, including bulking and cutting, and achieved 7% body fat, which was great but not sustainable. He then tried strength training to see how much he could lift. His biggest achievement was being able to squat 2.5 times his body weight. However, he also experienced injuries along the way, which taught him how to program rehabilitation for himself and strive for better next time.


As a trainer for six years, Maxx has experience training over 100 clients, with varying fitness goals, giving him wide breadth of knowledge across different domains. For him, fitness and exercise are more than just about achieving the dream physique. It's also a journey of self-fulfillment and a positive escape from the stress of life. Sometimes, people focus too much on the physical look and neglect their mental health.


  • PTA Global - Certified Personal Trainer 

  • Agatsu - Kettlebell Instructor Level 1

  • Agatsu - Indian Club & Mace Training Instructor Level 1

  • Agatsu - Speed & Strength certified 

  • Agatsu - Mobility & Movement certified 

  • TRX Certified Trainer 

  • EXOS - Phase 1 Mentorship Course 

  • Kbox Exxentric Workshop

  • SUPLES Training Systems – Bulgarian Bag workshop 

  • SUPLES Training Systems – High Intensity Rope Training System (H.I.R.T.S) workshop 

  • Self Osteo-Myofascial Applications (SOMA) - Level 1

  • GMB (Gold Medal Bodies) Level 1

  • Ganbaru Hypertrophy Masterclass 

  • Claire Norgate Pre & Post Natal Certified Trainer




Personal Trainer | Personal coach | Rehabilitation


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