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Personal Training in Shenton Way

Whether you’re looking to begin your fitness journey, recover from an injury, or amp up the results of your workout with personal training in Shenton Way, Revive Strength & Conditioning is the right partner for you. 


Our highly qualified trainers stand ready to work hand in hand with you to ensure you are able to reach peak performance levels, by devising workout routines, nutrition plans, and recovery treatments that are tailored to your needs. 

We’ll ensure that your hectic schedule and busy lifestyle don’t pose a barrier to your fitness, as we provide personal training in the Central Area, creating the space for healthier living even in Singapore’s busiest region. Set the excuses aside and be prepared to transform into the fittest you have ever been!

Our personal training in the Central Area (CBD) makes healthier living achievable. Say goodbye to excuses and embrace your fittest self!

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Are you ready to take things up a notch with personal training in the CBD? You might still have questions about our services, prices, trials, and promotions. Don’t worry, we are ready to give you the answers. Get in touch with our team now, and don’t let any more time go to waste!

Whether you have a question about our services, trials, pricing or anything else, our team is ready to help and answer all your questions

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