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Do you want to improve your overall fitness?

Do you want to lose body fat?

Do you want to gain more muscle mass?

If you answered "YES" to any questions above, we can help you.

Personal Training


Welcome to REVIVE Strength and Conditioning, the leading personal training gym in Singapore. We believe that everyone can and should achieve their fitness goals, and our personal training programme is designed to make this happen. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or looking to amp it up, our team of certified personal trainers is here to help!


Working with a personal trainer in Singapore can help you tap into exercise routines that maximise the effectiveness of the time you spend working out. REVIVE’s approach to personal training takes this a step further by additionally considering your nutrition intake and lifestyle while taking any health conditions into account to make sure you achieve maximum gains. 


Our Approach to Personal Training


At REVIVE, we understand that each client is unique, with different goals, preferences, and fitness levels. That's why we begin by conducting an initial assessment to understand your body type, fitness level, and any pre-existing medical conditions. This helps us create a customised workout plan that is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you get the most out of every session.


We also believe that individual attention is essential for success, and we provide one-on-one coaching to ensure our clients are performing exercises correctly and safely. With us, your fitness routine will be supported by highly qualified personal trainers in Singapore who are always available to answer any questions or concerns you might have.


Benefits of Personal Training


Working out at a personal training gym in Singapore can bring you several benefits over self-guided exercise, especially if you are just starting out on your fitness journey or if you are recovering from an injury. With a personalised workout plan that also considers your nutritional intake, you can achieve the results you want much faster.


Working with a personal gym trainer in Singapore also ensures you are performing exercises safely and correctly, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue, while they will keep you accountable for meeting your targets and motivate you to go further. 


Current studies have shown that personal training has a significant positive effect on people’s ability to move up through the stages of personal fitness. In one study, an overwhelming 60% of participants moved up one stage over just a 10-week period thanks to weekly sessions with a personal trainer. It has also been proven that working with a personal trainer has helped increase training loads, peak power output, and fat free mass at a much faster rate compared to those working out unsupervised.

Our Personal Training Programme


Your personal training journey with REVIVE begins with an initial assessment, which includes:

  • A questionnaire to gain key insights into your fitness targets, injury history, latest training regimen, and current lifestyle habits

  • A body composition assessment

  • A nutrition assessment

  • A health questionnaire.


Once this assessment is complete, we can provide you with a workout routine that suits your free time and preferred workout style, while also including dietary advice, to help you achieve optimal results from your fitness journey. We will provide you with constant updates to help you track your progress so you can appreciate the results of your dedicated effort.

How we can help you reach your fitness goal:



Lack of accountability is a key reason why an individual fails to reach their fitness goals. Reading through a few research articles on this topic related to exercise will help you understand its importance. At Revive, we believe that the trainer and client must be equally accountable when it comes to realising fitness goals.

Detailed Tracking


Based on the customised training programme, all your sessions will be documented. This enables the trainer to make adjustments, where necessary, when things are not progressing the way they should be. This is key to ensuring that both you and the trainer are always on track with the programme.

Regular Assessment

Depending on your customised training programme, assessments or tests will be conducted to ensure we stay on the right track. For example, we ask our weight-loss clients to weigh themselves daily, as well as to perform a skinfold test after a block of training (usually between four and six weeks). By doing so, we can monitor the changes in our client’s weight and ensure we are making steady progress together.

Staying Motivated

Being motivated throughout the training programme is extremely important. An unmotivated client will not be keen to stick with the programme and will soon give up. We keep our clients motivated by setting smaller goals along the way with the ultimate aim of achieving the bigger end goal. Celebrating every small win goes a long way towards keeping you motivated to achieve your fitness goals!

Relevant Education

Knowledge is power. We educate our clients on the full details of the customised training programme. It has been proven that if you understand why and how things are done, it will lead to greater belief and conviction, which will result in enduring, sustainable results.

Nutrition Support


A fitness goal cannot be attained without complementary, proper nutrition. Depending on how keen you are, we will devise a plan that suits you. It can be a complete change in your dietary habits, or it can involve small tweaks to help you get started. Like regular assessments, we will also strategically implement checkpoints along the way for accountability. This will also enable us to make changes if things are not moving the way they should be.


Wai Keong body fat decreased from 20+% to 15% over the course of nine weeks of adequate nutrition and exercises. This was accomplished without depriving himself of food or working out incessantly.

I started my gym journey like a blank piece of paper with my personal trainer Maxx. Being an underweight lady with a slight tummy, I target to increase my muscle mass, reduce my tummy and strengthen my core muscles.


Maxx’s training targeted all muscle groups (for a better overall look) and focused on my personal goals too. He corrected all incorrect techniques made by me on the spot to avoid unnecessary injuries. In order to help me achieve my goals, Maxx would always end off my gym session with core training exercises. He gave me home exercises which I can train at home to expedite achieving my personal goals.

I started off with a muscle mass of 16.2kg and a body fat of 27.5%, but have improved to 16.9kg and 23.6% respectively after attended 17 sessions with Maxx. I can now lift heavy items which helped in my daily routines.


Maxx’s professional skills made training with him feel safe and effective. Engage him as your personal trainer and you will greatly benefit from it!



I have been training with Joseph for the last 2 years.  I am incredibly happy with the support, guidance and advice he has given me over this time.

I was overweight, unfit and had an incredibly high level of stress.  I set myself a goal of completing a Triathlon and then hopefully moving on to a few cycling goals.  Joseph and I sat down and discussed these goals.  Joseph targeted my training where it was needed and constantly provided support and that little extra push to get me there.  

Over the last 12 months I have dropped 25kg, completed 6 Triathalons, rode up Alpe d'Huez and in March completed the super tough Peaks challenge (235km, 4500m climbing) in Australia.  

I would not have been as successful in my goals without Joseph by my side.



I recall the moment Joseph queried what my fitness goals were – I literally had no clue. I disliked exercise and distrusted my body’s ability to do just about everything. I had neither knowledge on working out nor any confidence that I could ever commit to a fitness routine - none. 

Joseph changed all that. 
Training with Joseph not only turned out to be more bearable than I expected – I actually found training to be highly enjoyable. Joseph was able to keep sessions interesting and dynamic. He struck the perfect balance of not pushing me so hard that it would discourage me and yet, maintaining sufficient challenge in workouts to ensure improvement. It wasn’t long before I found myself looking forward to training sessions – which certainly came as an unexpected surprise. 
Joseph embodies the “personal” in personal trainer. He did not merely tailor my physical training to meet my needs but connected with me on a whole other (personal) level. I was always acutely aware of Joseph watching my emotions. He quietly saw and noticed every fear, every insecurity in me and was a constant source of tacit encouragement as he walked (both literally and figuratively) alongside me on my training journey. Joseph somehow knew exactly when to push me and when he needed to cut me some slack. He also possesses this unique skill of nonchalantly uttering the most appropriate words at the most random moments to keep me motivated - something I often marveled at. 
Simply put, Joseph genuinely cares – and regularly goes above and beyond his call of duty. He is there with me, for me, every step of the way. Joseph never once let me feel alone. 
In the course of 4 short months with Joseph, I dropped a whopping 10kg while concurrently having gained muscle mass. I feel stronger, more energetic and am generally a happier being. Joseph is now changing tact and encouraging me to be independent in the gym – something I never imagined possible in a million years. He gave me confidence and helped overcome my fear of weights by simply showing me that my body was capable of so much more than I realised. 
I may be but one of Joseph’s many clients but Joseph will be my personal trainer (and so much more) for life. It is a true privilege and honour to train with Joseph. Thank you Joseph – you may never realise the extent to which you changed my life. You believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.



I have been training with Joseph for almost 3 years. First, when he was a Trainer at his previous place and now at Revive. My experience training with Joseph has been amazing.


When I started training, I had no experience going to a gym and Joseph expertly helped me to get in shape just in 3 months with a well thought out plan. Now, when I have enough experience, I still feel Joseph adds lot of value to my training by pushing me harder everytime.


One thing that also differentiates Joseph with most other trainers is his great sense of technique. This has helped me a lot avoid any kind of injuries which are also quite common especially if one does unsupervised. I believe Joseph will add a lot of value to anyone's fitness goals.


I have been under her care and expertise for 6 months. Becca is knowledgeable in her field, professional and is passionate, dedicated and driven to her job. No doubt, she is one of the best!


My in-body and results can speak for itself. But I believe that one of her success factors to her clients like me is empathy. She has a sense of true empathy and real humility which better connect her to her clients and reach people who are undergoing a fitness journey effectively. She does not have a history of overweight or physical struggles, injury but her empathising with her clients was her gateway to an even more important trait of compassion which makes her very effective in her job.


It’s a great and fun training experience with Rebecca.


Joseph has been my personal trainer for almost 2 years, during which I have benefited so much from each session with him. Joseph is a very organized and knowledgeable trainer who provides me with trainings and tips on how the body works from physical to nutrition aspects. His holistic approach starts with an initial assessment, then a training plan based on my objective and what I hope to achieve from the training.


He is very attentive to details and puts tremendous emphasis on the correct techniques, body position and movement to maximize the benefits and for avoidance of injury.


I have no hesitation to recommend Joseph to anyone who wants to get professional guidance and training to build up the endurance and strength physically and mentally!


Not only Rebecca is an amazing trainer but she is the only reason that I am a regular and still coming for trainings. Rebecca pushes one beyond their “imagined” limits and actually gives them the confidence to feel that they can accomplish their goals. While she does push me, she knows exactly what my limits are, what my weakness are and works around them.


While my initial paid sessions of 32 classes will soon be over, the only reason i want to renew the paid training sessions is due to the results and confidence I have with Rebecca. In our busy lives, we all delegate various task and in this task of getting me fit and fitter I trust Rebecca implicitly.


Joseph is a highly recommended trainer. I have been with him for 25 sessions for past 4 months. Truly I have gained significant strength in my arms, legs, and abs. My stiff neck has also improved significantly after the training.

He has corrected my posture as well to avoid self-injury. He motivated me on each session to the fullest and also encouraged me to train regularly with his customised plan for me. He even coached me out of his own time.


He is a responsible and helpful trainer. Thank you Joseph!


I would like to compliment Joseph, my personal trainer. He is very dedicated and meticulous in his training programme customised for me. He is also encouraging and patience with me.

Although I only trained with him for roughly 10-12 sessions so far, I can slowly feel my body getting fitter and stronger day by day. He helped me in gaining confidence in my self image day by day. 

He's definitely a trainer who train from the heart.

Meet Our Trainers


Dennis Lim

Having started out as a youth too skinny to do push-ups, Dennis has pursued his fitness journey to its peak. With over 16 years of experience in the fitness industry, Dennis believes in constantly learning and improving his skills to deliver the best results for those he works with.


Rebecca Lee

With an emphasis on consistency for realistic results, Rebecca works to make sure that clients are motivated to continue with their fitness routine in the long term, even without her help.


Maxx Kang

As a trainer for six years, Maxx has worked with over 100 clients, gaining broad expertise in various fitness goals. For him, fitness is about more than just physical appearance; it's a journey of self-fulfillment and a positive escape from stress. 

At Revive, you will be supported by some of the best personal trainers in Singapore, who will help you soar to peak performance. Each of them has their own area of expertise and will work closely with you to develop a training programme that is just right for you.

Hit us up anytime!

Are you ready to begin your transformation? Take your fitness journey to the next level with Revive’s personal trainers in Singapore. Call, email, or send us an inquiry now; we can’t wait to get you to the top!

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