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Performance Sports and Rehab Specialists

Performance Sports and Rehab Specialists in Singapore


Playing a sport regularly is a great way to stay in shape. However, if you play competitively, such as at club level, you need to maintain specific training regimens, especially as you grow older. This will not only keep you in peak form and ensure you excel on the field, but will also prevent excessive strain on your body. For instance, you may find that your joints and tendons ache after a couple of hours of play, which indicates that you require a workout plan that will specifically target the problem areas for strengthening. 

Furthermore, if you do sustain an injury on the field that requires extensive recovery, you may require a prolonged time to get back in form. In such cases, players tend to put practices on hold entirely until they make a full recovery, requiring additional time for them to get back in the field and perform at their optimum.  

At Revive Strength & Conditioning, we understand your drive to remain on top of your game and can help you remain in peak condition, even as your lifestyle changes with age. Our team of professional performance sports injury and rehab specialists will work with you to design a workout regimen that helps you overcome any shortcomings in your form. 

Personalised Programmes to Suit Your Fitness Needs


Different sports have different requirements when it comes to building form and fitness, and each player will have their own approach to training depending on their role in the game and their individual playing style. Any reputable performance sports and rehab specialist will thus understand that each player will require a training programme that caters to these unique variations. 

At Revive SC, we understand this principle well, which is why we insist on a personalised approach with all our clients. Our trainers will spend time to grow accustomed to your movement patterns before putting their expertise to use in developing an exercise programme that suits you.

Performance Enhancement Training

Our expert fitness professionals are no strangers to the specific requirements of sport conditioning and sports rehab in Singapore. With qualifications in sports science, strength and conditioning for sports, and sports massage therapy and rehabilitation, we are well-equipped to put you on top of your game. 

We will devise a conditioning programme that focuses on the key aspects of your performance, helping you maximise your strengths. From boosting endurance and stamina to enhancing strength and mobility, our tailored training programmes will help bring you to your peak.

In addition to a targeted training schedule, we will also provide you with a nutrition plan to help you adjust your calorie intake for peak performance. The specifics of your meal plan will depend on the sport you are playing as well as unique aspects of your body such as your metabolism rate, so an initial assessment will be conducted to personalise this plan to your needs.


Rehabilitation and Recovery

For those recovering from injuries, we will ensure that your sports injury rehab programme gives you time to heal while preventing you from becoming sedentary. We understand how important it is to gradually reintroduce motion during the recovery process to allow you to retain mobility, and we will do this in a completely safe and healthy manner. You can put your trust in the decades of experience our team brings to your sports rehabilitation programme.

Don’t let performance issues or the fear of injury hold you back from dominating the field. Begin your training with Revive Strength & Conditioning now and unlock your full potential.

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