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Strength & Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning programmes are designed to bring out the elite athlete in you, with optimum results and without risk of injuries. Specifically, we utilise a periodisation model to enhance performance in essential areas, covering strength, power, speed and agility. To complement this, we also implement a nutrition consultation and personalised recovery plan for optimal effectiveness.

Key to the programme is an interview to understand your training goals and pertinent information for the sport. These include:

  • Training objectives.

  • Schedule of competition dates.

  • Current training details including volume, frequency and type.


After obtaining the information, we will then devise and develop a customised periodisation plan that will efficiently and effectively integrate your skills training with our strength and conditioning programme. We will also break down the training into smaller mesocycles with different objectives to help you peak for your competition and bring out the best performance in you.

In summary, here are the essential components:



We will assess your mobility, strength, power and cardiovascular fitness to determine your fitness level and identify potential weak areas that are preventing you from attaining your best performance. Based on the results from the assessment, we will develop a customised programme that targets your needs.



We will put in place an effective recovery strategy to ensure optimum performance during every training session. Examples of recovery activities are training deload and soft tissue work. This also prevents overtraining which can result in injuries. This might mean that you will be given homework outside of the training sessions.



Together, we will track and document all training. Where necessary, adjustments will be made to the programme if progress is not going the way it should be.



We will devise an integrated nutrition plan to support your training, get you into shape and maximise the recovery. If there is a need for it, we will adjust your nutrition intake depending on the training phase to achieve these objectives.

Munir Nanji

I have been working with Dennis as my PT for over a year. The experience has been profound. As a professional endurance athlete I was weak on the strength front. Dennis transformed this for me. He got to know me really well and guided my journey towards building balanced strength that catapulted my endurance achievements. I am confident to say without his training I would not be at the peak of my endurance.


Dennis has the eye to understand a person areas of physical fitness and then invests time to work thoroughly on settling and achieving goals.  He is realistic and brings the best out knowing when to push hard or not.


Recently I suffered from a shoulder rotator cuff tear that really impaired my activities. Dennis was brilliant in helping me through the recovery with guided exercises and advice. This clearly demonstrated his knowledge and practical experience helping athletes with sports injuries. Finding a PT that has a very mature, balanced and deep understanding of sports is rare and I am really thankful to have him train me.



Dennis was highly recommended by a good friend to be engage as my personal trainer. My initial reason for a personal trainer was to help strengthen my muscles to pain manage my chronic hip pain for a year. After months of physiotherapy treatments, nothing came close to what Dennis had done for me.


Dennis is a person who listens and relate effectively. He is knowledgeable to access my injuries and understand my situation. With his vast knowledge, he came up with an effective program and which was instrumental in helping me to stay pain free. Just within 6-8 weeks I was able to move from rehab program to an overall strengthening program. This allows me to become a much stronger sport person then I was before.


Ever since then, I have moved from pain management to effectively doing strength building instead. I have become a better sport person and its evidence in my running races. Dennis did not just stop there for me, in fact he continued to help integrate my running programs together with his training program to make me an all-rounded sport person. He is also a very motivated individual who strides to constantly upgrade his skill sets. Evidence from the courses he attends to better his knowledge to help us i.e. his clientele


I am very fortunate to have met Dennis.

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