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Rehabilitation &
Sports Therapy

What is a common mistake which people with existing injuries? They stop moving completely and become sedentary.


This poses a huge problem. Simply put, when you stop moving the joint or muscle, your body thinks that nothing is needed to “recover” in that area.

The human body understands one language only – movement. Therefore, the swiftest, most effective way to get you back on track is to reintroduce motion to the affected joint or muscle as early as possible in your rehabilitation journey.


To get you back on track and avoid the likelihood of reinjury, we use a combination of the following:

  • Mobility and movement drills

  • Soft tissue work

  • Strength and stability exercises

  • Proprioception training

What we do for the first session:

  • Initial Assessment – To identify the root cause of the injury. The assessment includes a questionnaire and physical assessment to ascertain your current mobility, movement, strength and stability.

  • Treatment – Depending on the current stage of recovery, the treatment will cover soft tissue work, mobility as well as strength and stability exercises.

After the first session, we will create a progressive training plan to ensure that you rehabilitation and recovery is as effective as possible. Details of the plan:

  • Three main phases – recovery, strengthening and athletic.

  • For each phase, there will be different objectives. These must be achieved before progressing to the next phase. For example, during the strengthening phase, we will need to make the injured area stronger as this prevents the reoccurrence of injury.

  • To achieve the best rehabilitation possible, we will also give you exercises to do at home.


Kenneth & Hanny

I started going to the gym about 7 years ago, usually to attend a spinning class and sometimes to run on the treadmill or workout on the elliptical trainer.  It was only about 2 years later, when I felt the need to lose weight and toned my body, that I started to take exercising more seriously.  I signed up for twice-weekly personal training sessions and although I managed to maintain my weight I did not feel fitter or stronger.


I was introduced to Dennis by a colleague who had trained with him.  I found my training sessions with him to be curiously different from my previous experience with PTs and persuaded my husband to try training with Dennis as well.  How Dennis is curiously different is that we have never felt ‘short-changed’ being trained by him.  He prepares each of his lessons and always makes sure that we get the most from each PT session.  He is a committed trainer who constantly pushes us to stretch my limits and achieve better results in a safe and measured manner.  He is also very attentive in ensuring that we always maintain the correct posture and use the correct techniques to avoid injuries.  So we have never once felt that any of our PT sessions were lacking or that we did not receive sufficient training for that day. 


 We have since discovered that Dennis is also a highly motivated individual, who will regularly pay his own tuition fees to take courses that will upgrade his knowledge and skills, to ensure that he is a well-informed and effective trainer.  And although he works long hours, he still finds time to train himself and pursue his passion to play and participate in beach volleyball competitions.  We also know Dennis to be a devoted father, loving husband and filial son, who makes sure to spend to spend quality time with his daughter, wife and family. 


Dennis regularly reminds us of the need to take a holistic approach towards achieving our health and fitness goals – that training hard and eating well must become a habit so that these are embedded into my lifestyle.  For a long time he had difficulty convincing my husband to eat right and lose weight.  But one day he decided to rope me in to manage my husband’s diet – this partnership proved effective and when my 51 year-old husband started losing weight he got more motivated to build muscle and lose body fat.  He is now able to do chin-ups and has set a goal on how many more he wants to do by year-end.  As for me I have become stronger and fitter, so for example I now do only regular push-ups instead of knee push-ups.  My husband and I enjoy our PT sessions with Dennis and have great respect for him for motivating us to live an active and healthy lifestyle.  He has been an effective Personal Trainer to us for more than 3 years and we now regard him as not just a PT but also a friend. 


I highly recommend Dennis as he is a highly effective and professional Personal Trainer.

Munir Nanji

I have been working with Dennis as my PT for over a year. The experience has been profound. As a professional endurance athlete I was weak on the strength front. Dennis transformed this for me. He got to know me really well and guided my journey towards building balanced strength that catapulted my endurance achievements. I am confident to say without his training I would not be at the peak of my endurance.


Dennis has the eye to understand a person areas of physical fitness and then invests time to work thoroughly on settling and achieving goals.  He is realistic and brings the best out knowing when to push hard or not.


Recently I suffered from a shoulder rotator cuff tear that really impaired my activities. Dennis was brilliant in helping me through the recovery with guided exercises and advice. This clearly demonstrated his knowledge and practical experience helping athletes with sports injuries. Finding a PT that has a very mature, balanced and deep understanding of sports is rare and I am really thankful to have him train me.


Training with Dennis Lim has been a really positive and enjoyable experience! I have an old back injury due to a fall that have bothering me for years. With the knowledge he has given me on physical therapy, exercise and diet, I’ve come to overcome my injury and function normally. No surgery required!  He has also taken the time to answer all my questions.


He has done a fantastic job of personalising my wellness plan, both fitness and dietary, so that I make meaningful progress towards my goal.


Thank you Dennis for your patience, I look forward to training with you again!


Dennis was highly recommended by a good friend to be engage as my personal trainer. My initial reason for a personal trainer was to help strengthen my muscles to pain manage my chronic hip pain for a year. After months of physiotherapy treatments, nothing came close to what Dennis had done for me.


Dennis is a person who listens and relate effectively. He is knowledgeable to access my injuries and understand my situation. With his vast knowledge, he came up with an effective program and which was instrumental in helping me to stay pain free. Just within 6-8 weeks I was able to move from rehab program to an overall strengthening program. This allows me to become a much stronger sport person then I was before.


Ever since then, I have moved from pain management to effectively doing strength building instead. I have become a better sport person and its evidence in my running races. Dennis did not just stop there for me, in fact he continued to help integrate my running programs together with his training program to make me an all-rounded sport person. He is also a very motivated individual who strides to constantly upgrade his skill sets. Evidence from the courses he attends to better his knowledge to help us i.e. his clientele


I am very fortunate to have met Dennis.

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